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Laila a name known for quality and excellence brings you the finest basmati rice found in Punjab today. Grown for the past 7,000 years on the uplands terraces of the mountains, Laila Basmati Rice with a delightful delicate aroma and delicious flavour becomes an ideal addition to any savory dish.


Store in a cool, dry place

Preparation And Usage

Suggested Method of Cooking
Place 250g into 450 ml of boiling water stir once and return to gentle simmer.
Cook covered for 10-12 minutes until tender.
Remove pan from the heat and allow to stand for 5-6 minutes before serving.


Nutrition Facts

FSA Traffic Lights Labeling:

    per 100g (uncooked)  
Cal   357kCal  
Fat   2.8g  
Sat Fat   0.7g  
Sugar   1.3g  
Salt   Trace  

Laila Brown Basmati Rice 5KG

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  • Laila 5kg brown basmati rice. Delivery on Thursdays and Fridays